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Our Mission
Silver Maple Construction is a collective of experienced artisans and talented builders. Our clients seek exceptional craftsmanship and enduring results in a timely manner, and we exceed their expectations by developing high standards, evaluating end results and adapting to ever changing industry needs. Silver Maple Construction has a reputation for outstanding leadership, innovation and expertise. Our employees use their creativity and talent to arrive at singular solutions to meet the evolving demands of clients and to offer the most effective services and products in the industry.

Our Culture

We Believe In:
Continuous Improvement. Becoming ever-better versions of ourselves is important to Silver Maple Construction. We aspire to improve and innovate constantly and consistently.
Enthusiastic Contributions. No matter our position in the organization, we are willing to dive in to get the work done and support the whole team to achieve success on each project.
Transparency. We believe in being honest with our clients and with ourselves to become the best people, co-workers, and advisors that we can be.
Creativity. Our clients rely on our ability to be creative and to deliver winning solutions. This is a core value that is fostered in every step of the design-build process.
Exquisite Craftsmanship. Our work is our art. We pay attention to the details and take pride in what we create for every client and every project.

Current Job Openings

Silver Maple Construction is always willing to talk to experienced woodworkers, cabinetmakers, carpenters, and construction project managers. If you have a skill you think we could use, please feel free to reach out! We offer competitive pay rates and a comprehensive benefits package.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact us and share your letter of intent and résumé with

We look forward to hearing from you!