Why I Build: Sean Flynn

A craftsman and business owner demonstrates that a modern construction firm can thrive without compromising a core commitment to the quality of the work.

Jun 13, 2018

Custom builder and general contractor Sean Flynn has that particular type of energy that’s both infectious and inspiring. Spend any amount of time with him, and you’ll likely leave with the zeal to build a new house, remodel your current one, or even launch a new business venture.

Sean, co-owner of Silver Maple Construction along with good friend Mike Steele, specializes in carefully crafted homes throughout the mid-Vermont region. Like lots of business owners and general contractors, he wears many hats these days to support the growth and success of his business. But it wasn’t that long ago that he wore a tool belt full time. Though he’s made the definitive transition to managing his business, it’s his field experience that comes through most in the operations of his company. Sean has a deep respect for the work to be done, an absolute commitment to getting it done well, and a genuine admiration for those he has charged to do it.

To look at the Silver Maple model is to take a refreshing look at how modern-day building companies can find significant success without compromising their core values or the quality of their products. Sean is the type of owner who doesn’t chase scale for the sake of growth. He’s building a business that has authentic meaning and staying power, and this trickles down into every project he and his team execute.

In this episode of Why I Build, we spend the day with Sean as he takes us through his business operations, which includes a full-service cabinet shop and metal shop. Then, we hop onto one of his current builds, an extraordinary and modern farmhouse on the shores of Lake Champlain.

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